Masters of Science in Bioinformatics – UON

This program is designed to provide sound knowledge of various aspects of the Bioinformatics as relevant to teaching, research development and entrepreneurship in Bioinformatics. The program aims at training scholars who can conduct basic and applied multi-disciplinary research activities to address human and animal health, agriculture and the pharmaceutical industry.

With advances in genomic technologies, vast amount of biological data continue to be generated.

To get meaningful information from this data, scientists need to equip themselves with knowledge on molecular biology, sequencing and skills necessary for designing tools to analyze massive amounts of data.

The Msc. in Bioinformatics shall consist of a total of at least 20 course units each of at least 60 hours.

Of the 20 units required to complete the degree program, the candidate shall take 10 core units in the first year.  In the second year, 6 units would be cluster elective course units in the area of specialty and a compulsory research project equivalent to 4 course units, which must be within the specialized course areas.

The course shall be covered in a minimum of 10 semesters of 15 weeks each.

A student shall be allowed to register and take a minimum of 3 units and a maximum of 6 units in a semester.


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