Post Doc- Bioinformatics

  • Ph.D. Degree, preferably in Biomedical Informatics or Bioinformatics.
  • Experience of working within secure data environments e.g., HIPAA, CLIA, IRB etc
  • Demonstrated analytical and research skills.
  • Knowledge of new software, scripts, pipelines, and database development.
  • Analyzing pre-developed software, scripts, pipelines, and databases.
  • Experience, good knowledge, and interest of programming languages (Java, R, Python, SWIFT, HTML and PHP).
  • Knowledge of integrated Development Environments (Eclipse, XOCDE).
  • Knowledge of operating systems (Windows, iOS, Android, and UNIX).
  • Knowledge of databases (MySQL, MS.SQL).
  • Knowledge of high-performance computing (HPC) and Cloud computing.
  • Excellent organization, planning, project management, problem-solving, presentation, and writing skills.
  • Able to work independently and in teams.

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