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The Transdisciplinary Program in Computational Biology aims at training Biomolecular Sciences Ph.Ds with complementary competences in Computational Biology to enhance their ability to work in the transdisciplinary research field. The program offers training in multiple areas of bioinformatics and computational biology and enhances interactions and communication across the disciplines.

This program is complementary to the Transdisciplinary Program in Computational Biology at the International PhD program in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) of the University of Trento

Criteria for entering the program

Enrollment: Bioinformatics and/or informatics skills are mandatory for enrollment in the Transdisciplinary Program in Computational Biology. As part of the Biomolecular Sciences application, interested candidates need to present as additional documentation a motivation letter  specific to the transdisciplinary program.

Credits and mandatory Courses

Each Transdisciplinary Program student is required to acquire 4 of the 10 educational hours credits of the Doctoral program in Biomolecular Sciences within those characterizing the secondary program.
To do so, the students could choose three out of the four available options among:

  • A course in Bioinformatics from the Doctoral Program in BS
  • An M.Sc. or B.Sc. degree course in Computer Science
  • A Bioinformatics module of a M.Sc. degree course in Computer Sciences or Cellular and Molecular Biotechnology
  • A course in Computer Science from the Doctoral Program in ICT

One of the one three above mentioned courses can be replaced with a Summer School in Biotechnology or in Bioinformatics, upon approval of the Panel.

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