HIV and Microbiome Bioinformatics, August 19 2021

Entry requirements
The candidate must have experience in the field of systembiology

We seek a highly motivated candidate with a demonstrated record of scientific excellence.  

The candidate should also have

  • The applicant should have second-cycle background in genetics and/or bioinformatics.
  • Interest and prior experience in transcriptomics and mass-spectrometry based proteomics analysis are essential. Provide github account details.
  • The applicant should have strong competence in Python, R-programming language and network analysis (e.g. Cytoscape). Preferences will be given who have experience in protein structure analysis.
  • Experience of analysis of HIV or other viral diseases as well as microbiota
  • The applicant should be able to work well in a multidisciplinary team, as well as having the ability to work independently.
  • The applicant should possess good organizational skills and know how to multitask.
  • Excellent communication skills in both spoken and written English is of utmost importance.

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